We are committed to providing our clients with the support they need. We are able to provide e-mail and telephone technical support for work that has been performed by our company. We are unable to provide e-mail or telephone technical support for non-clients or for issues outside of work performed by our company. The cost of e-mail and telephone technical support for the work we do is built into our service rates.


Allow ample time for a visit. Make a list of all the work you would like done. This ensures that everything you want done gets done and nothing is forgotten. It also saves time and allows us to choose the best chronological order for the work to be performed.

Don't rely on your memory; write down any error messages that appear when your computer is acting strangely or has crashed. Try to record each step that led up to the problem. Knowing the exact wording and numbers that appear in error messages can speed up the troubleshooting process.

Minimize distractions during a visit. Think of anything that could be a hindrance. Make sure the computer is in a clean, well-lit area and is easily accessible. If you have a pet, do not have it in the same area as the computer. Do not invite company over that you will need to tend to. Being prepared for a visit saves time and money.